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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 31, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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erday. good morning, it is friday, finally, july 31. i'm maria medina. >> we love friday in a big way. it's a blessed event for all of us, isn't it? >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it's 4:30. we have gianna in traffic and brian hackney and i aren't in the same room very often. in for roberta. >> just excellent to see you this morning, mr. mallicoat, and you gianna and maria. a few clouds could result in a teeny chance of a thunderstorm later in the day. we are looking for a nice day around the bay area starting out with readings mostly in the 60s but why am i showing you traffic when we have gianna? >> well, let me show you some traffic, brian. we have son on 580 eastbound -- some on 580 eastbound construction causing a bit of a backup there. westbound so far we are "friday light." altamont pass all the way to the dublin interchange. look at the bay bridge coming up. it's 4:30. look at all the headlights. >> hopefully people are
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starting their weekend early. speaking of traffic, weekend bart riders the transbay tube will be shut down all day saturday and sunday so crews can make track repairs. anne makovec is at the embarcadero station in san francisco with more on why bart is doing this and how you can get around during the closure. the most important part, right? >> reporter: this is going to be the end of the line. the embarcadero station here during the closure. so we are hoping people got the message. this could lead to some real traffic troubles including delays of one to two hours for buses to cross the bay. the transbay tube is between san francisco and oakland. it's going to be closed at the end of bart service tonight. so it will be running tonight. no trains then will run through the tube saturday or sunday. bart needs to do some major maintenance and repair works on the tracks. transportation officials have been planning for this for months. >> we assembled a public
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transit dream team of bus operators with buses from ac transit, muni, samtrans and golden gate transit. 94 buses in all. >> reporter: but the chp says the limited bus bridge is intended to be a, quote, lifeline service to those with no other options. they want people to consider using ferries or driving across, say, the san mateo bridge. them drivers to avoid the bay bridge if they can. now, also starting tonight, some major changes for muni riders. and that's going to last for six months. we'll talk about that in the next half-hour. right now, live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. more than 900 firefighters battling a spreading wildfire up in lake county. the so-called rocky fire has now burned 13500 acres in the community of morgan valley east of lower lake. firefighters have been hampered by rugged terrain and daytime temperatures that have been 100 degrees. about 650 people have been
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evacuated. evacuations centers have been set up for residents and their animals. the fire has already destroyed 3 homes. >> we have to face your worst nightmare to have your entire place burn up. but then, you know, it's just something you have to go through and it's not the end of the world. >> seems like you're pretty optimistic. >> you have to be. >> cal fire says the blaze is only 5% contained. it has also burned into the snow mountain area which president obama designated as a national monument earlier this month. and this morning, firefighters are tamping down a hot spot or two at a mobile home park. this is in the delta. a fire destroyed seven homes yesterday. that's on brannan island road. it began in a nearby forest fueled by strong winds in the delta. several propane tanks exploded. you can see all the flames there. by the time three engine companies got there, many trailers were a total loss but they did manage to save about three dozen units.
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but quite a mess yesterday afternoon. looking at a map of california, looks like so much of california is ablaze. >> in the good old days before the drought, fire season really got under way in september and october. it's just not good news. but the forecast shows things are cooling down for today in the bay area and for the weekend. in fact, there's even a chance maybe of a thunderstorm or two. we'll discuss this. but first let's go outside and start where we left off with the numbers around the bay area. 64 to start out your friday morning. 60 at san francisco and 64 in san jose. as we look down san jose, santa clara way, headlines we are going to look for a slight thunderstorm chance today. not much. you will mostly see a few high clouds from time to time. it will cool off a bit, as well. and the weekend will be near seasonal averages again and as we head into next week, it looks as if things remain fairly on an even keel with numbers mostly in the 80s inland and 60s near the shoreline.
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we'll have the complete forecast in a few minutes but first let's get the latest on the road ahead. >> thank you, brian. all right, let's check in with mass transit right now. you heard anne just a few minutes ago. there is a major closure for bart this weekend in connection to oakland to san francisco. 21 trains are on time. plan for that on the weekend. bus bridges will be in place but try to avoid the bay bridge. we are expecting a backup throughout the weekend because of the bart closure. use the san mateo bridge as an alternate. the rest of mass transit looking good. also, so far the freeways not doing too bad right now. bay bridge off to a good start. back to you guys. >> thank you. in israel an anti-gay extremist is accused of stabbing six people at jerusalem's annual gay pride parade. two victims had serious injuries. the suspect was arrested at the scene yesterday. israeli police say the suspect had just been released from prison three weeks ago after serving a sentence for a similar attack at the 2005 parade. we're learning more about the man who died after a fight with san francisco police officers. 57-year-old [ non-english language ] was wanted in sonoma
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county for allegedly beating an elderly man he cared for. it started after a hit-and-run at the palace of fine arts. the suspect ran off. he was found a few blocks away at the ihop on lombard. that's where he attacked two officers allegedly before several others pinned him down. >> he was conscious, breathing and talking while handcuffed. within minutes, officers noticed he was not breathing. >> the two officers are now out of the hospital. police are waiting for autopsy and toxicology reports to see if the suspect was under the influence. thousands turned out in oakland to honor hayward police sergeant lunger yesterday. kpix 5's betty yu has more on the emotional service at oracle arena for the lawman killed in the line of duty. >> he showed us what it means to be strong and his strength will always be with us. reporter: wearing her dad's uniform and fighting back tears, sergeant scott lunger's
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daughter saralyn talked about her dad. >> my dad wasn't afraid to die. we talked about it a lot. and he always said that dying is a part of life and the only thing we can do is enjoy every day that we get. you fought day in and day out for what you believe in. [ crying ] >> you made whatever sacrifice including the ultimate sacrifice to make this world and mine a better and safer place. >> reporter: sergeant lunger died in the line of duty last wednesday. he was shot and killed seconds after he pulled over a man in this white pickup for erratic driving at 3:14 a.m. his daughters told a roomful of friends, family and coworkers that their dad is the bravest man they know. his two great loves, work and family. >> not only did you leave me with will power, strength,
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determination, love and many other outstanding qualities, but you left me with people. throughout my life, you and god went through and picked out the most extraordinary group of guys that could each represent a part of you. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> sergeant lunger lived in brentwood where a concert tonight will benefit his family. the show is free but donate if you can. it begins at 7:00 tonight downtown at brentwood city park. performing tonight is a huey lewis cover band. a san jose teenager suspected of killing an 8-year- old girl made his first court appearance. investigators say adrian gonzalez lured maddy middleton to his apartment sunday with a promise of ice cream before sexual assaulting and strangling her. the 15-year-old suspect did not enter a plea yesterday. he is charged as an adult. >> we filed charges that were appropriate and we are confident in our case.
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>> our job is to review the evidence, conduct our own investigation, and make sure that the minor, like every citizen accused, receives a fair trial. >> the charges against gonzalez include murder, kidnap and forcible rape. a girl who was friends with gonzalez in middle school says she once urged him to get help for mental health issues. >> he did threaten suicide a couple of times but it didn't feel super serious? and above all, i would never think he would do something like this. >> gonzalez could face life in prison if convicted. it is 4:39 on your friday morning. pitching their ideas to tech experts. the new program that has kids getting a big lesson on startups. >> and what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back.
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if you look up into the sky
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this morning, you can see what's called a blue moon courtesy of our mount vaca cam. the moon isn't blue. the phrase blue moon refers to the second of two full moons in one month. by the way it only happens about once every 2.5 years. so enjoy because the next time will be in january of 2018. >> brian is singing over here about the moon. part of a wing that might be from a missing malaysia airlines jet is now being sent to france for further investigation. the 6-foot-long flaperon washed up on reunion island on the coast of east africa. experts will look at the barnacles and other markles to see if it's consistent for something submerged for a year. >> they will look at the metal, to see if it's torn, char marks, which would indicate fire. >> so far investigators believe the piece did come from a boeing 777. and malaysia airlines flight 370, which disappeared in march
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of last year, is the only 777 missing in the world. two california universities are among the recipients of a $4 million award that could help save lives during an earthquake. u.s. geological survey is providing the money to help set up an early warning system. the shake alert system could give 10 seconds of notice before shaking starts. recipients include the california institute of technology, uc-berkeley and two schools in the northwest. new numbers show californians are cutting back on water use to deal with the lingering drought. statewide, water use dropped by more than 27% this past june compared with june 2013. that's better than the 25% governor brown wanted us all to save. more now from kpix 5's christian hartnett. reporter: sprinklers on in the summer. it's no longer a common sight in los altos. in fact, it's liable to get the neighbors talking. >> the neighbors all talk about oh, well so-and-so not really
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in a name but did you see that house has a green lawn and why do they have a green lawn when the rest of us don't. >> reporter: christie wilson let her grass go brown. she keeps the plants around the yard alive with water collected in buckets from her shower. >> so we probably save, um, close to 10 gallons a day just in that. >> reporter: christie's efforts along with many neighbors with brown lawns and drought- tolerant landscapes has put los altos towards the top in terms of water conservation cutting water use by 40% in june part of a 35% overall cut in the santa clara valley water district. as a whole the bay area saved 32%. it's reason for optimism among local water districts that are facing state requirements to cut water use by year's end. >> not a finish lines, not a victory, but as a good check-in point that we can do it. >> reporter: a big reason for the good numbers here in the santa clara valley is a lot of
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people are switching out their lawns for drought-resistant landscaping. just this year already, 1.6 million square feet of lawn have been replaced. that's already more than the entire total for last year. in los altos, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> and another sign points to the approach of a robust el nino. got the music going on, too. ♪[ music ]♪ >> fishing boats have full hauls. captains say the warmer water is attracting anchovies which lures bigger fish. even some bay area kids are happy after a day of fishing. seems like everyone hooked something. >> brian hackney will be doing his rain dance in the fall. it sounds like we will have a wet winter. >> may not need the dance if the el nino results in above average rainfall. we'll have to wait for that. in the meantime, i have to tell you, i have been doing this for more years than you have been alive. [ laughter ] >> and i have never talked so often about the possibility of thunderstorms in the bay area during the summer and we're
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talking about them again today. so it's weird. the atmosphere is juiced up possibly because of the above average ocean temperatures. not a bad theory. we have a slight chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. and as a result, numbers come down a little bit with the clouds as we head outside looking at the approach to the toll plaza on the bay bridge, the numbers in the 60s very mild start to this friday morning. santa rosa at 60. and here's what's happening! we have high pressure over the desert southwest. it will bring up that subtropical air and as a result, it gets humid today. not as warm but it will feel warm and sticky later this afternoon. and so we get a few more clouds for today and for tomorrow. but by sunday low pressure finally begins to reestablish itself offshore. so sunday we get back to cooler weather. the air dries out a little bit. so it's not going to be as humid on sunday. but today tomorrow does look sticky. as we have a look at the -- to sum it up, slight chance of
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thunderstorms today cooling off a bit and then the weekend near seasonal. but hey pretty good week for the sonoma county fair. 80 and mostly sunny skies. turning to the forecast, the numbers today way back from where they were a couple of days ago even yesterday. san francisco 69 today. concord just 86. we'll be in the mid-80s in the south bay. 90 for morgan hill. still warm in the east bay just not as warm as it has been. mid-80s will do it. some high clouds from time to time. up in the north bay looks pretty good, 79 in petaluma, 81 in san rafael. things cool down into the weekend. we'll cool it down, we'll keep it there right through next week. that's weather. here's traffic. hey, gianna. >> hey, brian, thank you very much. let's start off with mass transit. we have 20-plus trains on time for bart. we have some roadwork near 580. we are getting a live look at conditions on the roadways. here's the bart closure saturday and sunday. throughout the weekend transbay train service closed bart west
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open station between there and embarcadero. they have bus bridges in place. so do plan for that throughout the weekend. expect delays on the bay bridge. also, just a heads up starting tonight metro subway service for muni closed from embarcadero to west portal. that is until 9:30. that's a long-term closure. here's a look at 580. you can see a little bit of construction there on the eastbound side. that should be wrapping up at least within the next 15 to 20 minutes. that's right near hacienda tassajara area. westbound though looking good as you work your way towards the dublin interchange. no major snags to report. a little slow though through the altamont pass. that's typical this time of the morning. we are seeing a few brake lights coming out of tracy as you work your way westbound. here's conditions along 880 both directions in oakland. northbound 238 to the maze only a 15-minute ride right now. you can see very light conditions as you work your way in both directions. bay bridge looking good, as well. no delays there. and a quick live look in san jose. we do know traffic is actually light so far. a little activity on the right side for construction.
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that's 280 right at the 880/17 interchange. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:48. facebook attempting to make the internet airborne. the social media giant launched its giant internet drone. it will bring internet services to underdeveloped parts of the world. the wings are lightweight solar panels that can fly at 90,000 feet and it will be working for 90 days. >> it looks like a ufo! >> it does. also happening at one hacker way, facebook employees are developing some young new talent. kpix 5's john ramos takes us to the tech camp housing some special kids from across the country. reporter: in this alley in san francisco, in the basement of this tech work space, a group of middle schoolers is trying to figure out how to save humanity. these are the silicon northstars a group of inner city kids from minnesota who are spending the week at a special tech camp that encourages entrepreneurial
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thinking. >> you should be building on one another's ideas. >> reporter: their task today is to use tech in innovative ways to aid in an imaginary ebola outbreak in the u.s. the tools are not high-tech, just society pose it notes on a wall. some ideas are useful. others not so much. but the real intention is to get them thinking big. just some post-it notes on a wall. >> to give them a vision of where they might end to demystify the idea of a career in technology. >> reporter: steve and mary grove are a married couple from minnesota who now work at google. they brought these 16 kids halfway across the country as a way to open up their world, with the group touring some of the biggest tech firms in silicon valley. >> just finishing middle school just entering high school, it's a time you're beginning to actively think about what a future could be like. >> reporter: it seems to be working. >> it's possible i can do if i put my mind to it. i can achieve it. yeah. >> i'm starting to kind of,
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like, rethink everything, like, maybe i want to start my own company when i grow up. >> reporter: we're always telling kids to follow their dreams as if they all know what them to do. but perhaps the best way to help them is to give them a glimpse of what is possible. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> and the northstar also put what they have learned to test. each team will give a five- minute pitch to a panel of venture capitalists to try to get funding for their ideas. >> that's super cool. palo alto-based tesla offering customers a chance to win one of their cars. the electric automaker says the first person who refer 30 customers who eventually buy a tesla gets a free model x. but here's where it gets tricky. those 30 referrals have to be evenly split between the company's three sales regions, 10 each in north america, europe and area pacific. so you have to have friends all over. tesla plans to unveil its model x to the public early next year. time now 4:51. if you get your prescriptions
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from cvs you may have been overcharged. the ne
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the last day of july in san francisco the average is 64. concord 86. 85 san jose. 75 oakland. down in the south bay plenty of sunshine with a few high clouds from time to time. 84 at redwood city. 84 los altos and 90 degrees at morgan hill. 88 for fairfield. 78 for pittsburg today. plenty of sun and 90 in brentwood. then we're going to be looking for the north bay to have plenty of sun later in the day as well with a temperature of
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67. if you are headed to the beach doesn't sound bad 75 for oakland, 70 richmond. and up by ukiah today still smoke 96 degrees and 98 for clearlake. all right. heading to the roadways right now, let's talk roadwork. we have some eastbound 580 near tassajara, hacienda area. looks like it's causing a backup there. hopefully things should be clear within the next 15 to 20 minutes. we'll keep our eye on that. westbound looking good. friends and family are remembering an 89-year-old martinez man killed in an accident at home. glen could the tremendously was guiding his wife wednesday as she reparked a car in the garage. she hit the gas instead of the brake. >> mrs. cottrell accelerated forward and pushed him with the car through the back wall of the garage. >> he was alive after the accident but died at the hospital later. in an interview with a martinez
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oral history project last year he described his world war ii service with a 43rd infantry division. he and his wife were married 63 years. a rowdy protest at senator dianne feinstein's office ended with eight arrests. [ chanting ] >> activists chained themselves together in the office lobby yesterday. they were protesting the senator's support of anti- immigration legislation. the activists were among larger demonstrations organized by the california immigrant youth justice alliance. a ship is on its way to the arctic today after being blocked from leaving a portland port by environmental protestors. yesterday, greenpeace protestors gathered to block the royal dutch shell icebreakerrer from heading to an oil drilling site. some activists suspended themselves from a bridge while others in kayaks blocked the vessel. after six hours authorities moved in to remove the
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protestors. hundreds of thousands of people who pick up prescriptions at cvs are urged to check their receipts. a lawsuit filed in federal court in san francisco accuses the drugstore company of deliberately overcharging for generic drugs. the suit says cvs submitted insurance claims with inflated prices which meant customers paid higher co-pays, in some cases five times higher. no comment yet from cvs. 4:57. a wildfire burning in remote lake county burns thousands of ankers. the challenge for crews fighting the flames after burning thousands of acres. >> reporter: i'm standing at what will be the end of the line for bart service in 24
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good morning. it's july 31. happy friday. i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. two major wildfires are keeping firefighters extremely busy just outside the bay area. lake county and brannan island in sacramento and delta. we begin in lake county where more than 900 firefighters are battling the rapidly spreading rocky fire. it burned 13,000 acres east of lower lake. kpix 5's cate caugiran reports. >> i'm scared to death. i'm just scared to death. >> that dc-10 holds over 10,000 gallons of fire retardant. >> reporter: from our standpoint 10,000 gallons looks like a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of acres burning. >> the helicopters just look so tiny. and to drop this little bit of


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